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We look at every detail from the initial planning of the website, to its launch and ongoing maintenance and update.

We design unique websites tailored specifically to your business needs.

Perhaps you have some early ideas about what you want to do and it's time to get moving with establishing your presence on the web.


A Guide to our Services


Site design

We can offer advice on the overall 'look' of the site together with the ability to design original artwork and, if necessary, logos that should all go towards creating a unique identity for your business on the web.

We design sites that are easy for all users to navigate and find their way around - this enables your potential customers to get to the information they need quickly and easily with the minimum of fuss.


Wherever possible, interactivity is introduced into the sites we design - this enhances each visit a prospective customer makes to your site. However, care is always taken to ensure that this doesn't exclude those with older technology or software from viewing all the features of the site.

Fast-loading websites

We specialise in the design of fast-loading - no fuss websites. We feel that as regular users of the Internet there is nothing more annoying than waiting for what seems like an eternity for a Web page to download and appear onscreen your monitor. We offer design solutions that provide slick visuals and quick access to websites.


Going Global


Registering a Domain Name

As part of the design packages that we offer, we will register a domain name for your website. Getting your own domain name is
an ideal way of attracting people to your site. By letting us register your own unique domain name, you won't have to put up with
the long-winded tag that is often inflicted on you by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or Web hosting company.

So now you can use your imagination to dream up a catchy name for your website and we will do the rest.

Search Engine Submission

We take care of submitting and verifying your website with Google and other major search engines on the Internet. So if someone is looking for you and your business they will be able to find your website with a minimum of fuss.


Maintenance and Monitoring



We are happy to maintain and update any website we have developed. Furthermore we would be delighted to take over the hosting, maintenance or redesign of your existing website.

Website analysis and reporting

We can also offer regular reports on the number of people who visit your website and what they do whilst they are there. This can reveal important information about your website usage including which search engines and websites are referring visitors
to your site.

This provides you with regular detailed reports with tables and charts, together with:

  • activity statistics which can be as detailed as daily and by hour of day
  • access statistics including the pages, files and images that are being accessed the most, or if applicable the least
  • referrer information including referring sites, referring URLs, search engines and search phrases.

This gives you with the ability to take a really close look at who's been looking at your site, how many times, and where they came from.

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